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Helping you througout the process

At New Ways Consulting we understand that in order to deliver your vision, promote your values and enhance your reputation, a coherent strategy must be in place. One that takes account of your commitments to the community and the environment. One which delivers a strong platform for your voice to be heard. 


Through our deep understanding of corporate citizenship coupled with our vast expertise in European politics, we recognise that a properly joined up corporate strategy will see companies “doing well by doing good”. As experienced corporate responsibility advisers, we can help you design a new and seamless approach to your internal and external communications and stakeholder engagement plans. We will work together with your organisation and will be part of your team, guiding you through the process to ensure successful outcomes that respond to your actual needs and goals. What's more, we can train your team to make sure your values, vision and goals with are fully embedded in your business. 

Corporate Responsibility


Another area of specialisation is Corporate Responsibility. We help our clients define what is material to them, embed sustainable change into their main areas of activity and support them on their reporting efforts. 


We can help with:

  • Corporate Responsibility plans

  • Corporate positioning on environmental and social issues

  • Corporate Responsibility communications

  • Stakeholder Engagement plans and implementation

  • Streamlined CSR solutions and governmental relations advice 



New Ways Consulting has a record on training professionals willing to take their CSR to the next level.


We can help with:

  • Bespoke training solutions for all kinds of organisations

  • General courses aimed at different levels within the company

  • Organisation of workshops on CSR and European affairs-related  topics

Examples of topical training New Ways has provided include: a general framework on CSR; Sustainability for future growth; CSR with focus on communities; CSR for the OIl & Gas industries; Understanding the European institutions; Lobbying the EU.

European Affairs


New Ways Consulting specialises in European public affairs. ​We offer our clients guidance to navigate through the EU decision-making process with a view to create a favourable environment for their business.


We can help with:

  • Legislative / compliance advice & support

  • European Public Affairs communications

  • Lobbying and educational campaigns

  • Stakeholder engagement plans & implementation

  • Streamlined governmental relations and CSR solutions advice 

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