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Corporate Responsibility 

A few things we could do with and for you:

​​Stepping up to the challenge


More and more, organisations are required to be accountable, transparent and to make a positive impact on the economy and to society. In all aspects of business - from suply chain, through to employee benefits and community impact - organisations must step up to the challenge of being responsible corporate citizens. Traditionally considered a discipline of Public Relations, Corporate Responsibility is becoming essentialthe basis in any corporate strategy aiming at sustainable growth.


At New Ways Consulting, we help you assess both your internal environment and external impact and devise strategies to become more transparent, engaged and responsible organisations. Through our collaborative and flexible approach we will help you define what is material to you and will develop integrated strategies accordingly, guiding your decision-making based on the particular of your vision and business. This will ultimately translate into costs savings, potential market growth, increased staff retention, enhanced reputation and public trust (just to name a few).   

Draft your plans

We will help you assess your priorities with regards to your vision. We will devise your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans accordingly and will set S.M.A.R.T. objectives matching your agenda and capabilities

Position yourself

Embed CSR into your day-to-day operations. See where you are with respect to your vision and your core values and where you'd like to be, and we will help you get there


Tell your story, it's worth hearing about. We will help you communicate and report openly and honestly about the issues that are core to your business. Moreover, we will support you getting clear and engaging messages across

Engage with your stakeholders

We will help you identify and map your stakeholders. Moreover we shall support you in your engagement efforts to ensure a more collaborative enviroment which will impact the credibility and success of your business 

Integrate your strategies

Do what you feel, communicate what you do. With our support, you will be able to carry out your business with a long-term sustainability perspective, knowing that you have an overarching integrated and clear strategy which will deliver successful outcomes

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