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By combining the corporate responsibility activities with governmental relations, New Ways Consulting is able to deliver on the corporate strategy whilst ensuring you're compliant and have a favourable environment to carry out your business. This double expertise, alongside the benefits inherent to a small boutique - incl. stronger relationships and higher specialisation - makes New Ways Consulting the partner to work with to further develop your business.


New Ways Consulting founder, Maite Caballero Tomas, launched her business in August 2015, after several years in the communications and public affairs sectors. New Ways Consulting relies on a team of experienced and passionate public affairs and CSR experts which are part of Maite’s network.

Mission Statement

New Ways Consulting aspires to provide its clients with the tools required to drive change, internally and externally, to maximise profit whilst creating positive social and environmental value and impact.


A word from Maite…

After 9 years working as an advisor on European relations, and some exposure to CSR, I decided to create New Ways Consulting to allow companies to “do what they say and say what they do”. Governmental relations and corporate responsibility are two areas frequently addressed on a need basis and often in an isolated way. Yet the impact they have on reputation, corporate positioning and ultimately market access is tremendous.


I wanted to help organisations become more accountable and responsible, and communicate their achievements and struggles to get a favourable setting to carry out “good business”. Companies are now having to work harder to protect their reputation—and, by extension, the milieu in which they do business. New Ways Consulting helps them understand the European regulatory context and fulfil their social and environmental purposes whilst keeping open communication channels with all stakeholders, from their employees to decision-makers.




Before starting New Ways Consulting I worked for different consultancies both in Brussels and London representing clients such as Coca-Cola, IEEE and Greenhouse specialising in the environmental, energy and transport issues. I spent most of my time designing strategies, creating engaging communication outputs, and delivering both stakeholder engagement and lobbying campaigns to fit my clients' objectives.

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